Recruitment checklist for host entities
Recruitment checklist for host entities
Photo: Soule Mohamed is a UN Volunteer Associate Electrician Officer with UNHCR in Chad. Here he is at the Iridimi refugee camp, checking the power station with the leaders of the camp.
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Recruitment checklist for host entities

Start a supportive relationship with your UN Volunteer now and you’ll be rewarded with a confident and dedicated team member who knows their assignment inside out, delivers and develops new skills before your eyes.

Organize an onboarding and coaching buddy upfront to help your volunteer settle in their first weeks. Consider partnering them with someone patient, with time to answer questions and coach. Meanwhile, your team can keep working happily, getting lots done, with fewer distractions. The right buddy may also see this as a good leadership and development opportunity!


Contact our Regional Office or Field Unit to see how a volunteer can help you on-site

Secure funding confirmation from your organization

Develop an engaging Description of Assignment (DOA) to attract the right candidate.

Inform the UNV Regional Office or Field Unit if you have a pre-identified candidates

Submit your DOA with your funding confirmation and we will get to work


Contact UNV, Request UN Volunteers

Confirm funding information in UVP (on-screen & PDF guides) - see UNV FA requirements. UN missions follow pre-established workflow.

Find standard DOA Templates and Forms (tab) in document library. See how to create a new DOA in UVP (on-screen & PDF guides).

See Policy, Memo and Template on Direct Recruitment

Expect to receive 3 -5 shortlisted candidates from UNV within two (2) weeks of your DOA being published.


Review candidate profiles immediately and schedule interviews as soon as you can. .                                                                                                                               

Conduct a competency-based interview to select the right candidate. A desk review may be possible, although an interview is highly recommended.

Speedily inform UNV of your selected candidate(s) before your best candidate(s) drop out.

Resources / Information

Be quick or miss out, the best talent is hired in only 10 days or less.

A positive experience makes candidates feel valued and recognized, and, most importantly, eager to work for your organization. Use our Interview or desk review template.               

Or, let us know WHY none of the candidates were suitable. We’ll  look again, knowing exactly who you hope to find.


UNV will confirm once the UN Volunteer accepts your assignment.

Help your international candidate apply for an entry visa and necessary transit visas.

Brief your UN Volunteer on their new role and responsibilities. Explain what you’ll get up to together and your expectations; you’ll help them feel prepared and keen.

Organize an onboarding buddy to help your volunteer settle in their first weeks. Meanwhile, your team can keep working happily, getting lots done, with fewer distractions.

Explain the opportunities your assignment will offer. From formal training courses to guidance or mentoring, get your volunteer excited about what’s to come.

Help your volunteer imagine your workplace by giving them a heads up on your organizational culture and team.

Mutually agree on the date for entry on duty with the UN Volunteer.

Reassure your volunteer that UNV will pay their airfare, settling in grant and assignment entitlements, prior to travel (if you’re asked)

Provide information on arrival logistics and prepare for the UN Volunteer’s first day

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Process and recruitment timeframe may vary depending on country specific visa formalities.                                                          

Contact candidates frequently during recruitment. It reduces the chances of candidates dropping out.                                                          

Someone to answer questions on living conditions, what to bring, and help settle-in.                                                                                                                   

Motivate UN Volunteers with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge and skills at the workplace.                                                          

Explain the assignment context. Who will they meet or work with and how best can one work together.

The UNV Volunteer Service Centre will issue the contract accordingly                                    

UN Volunteers will procure and provide confirmed travel itinerary                                    

Web link: Pre-arrival checklist for Host Entity Supervisor

Also review Standard Operating Procedures on Requesting a UN Volunteer assignment.

Download PDF Recruitment checklist for host entities