Week 1 checklist
Week 1 checklist
Photo: UN Youth Volunteer Zeinab Chamas (centre) monitors work on upgrading irrigation infrastructure in South Lebanon.
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Week 1 Checklist

Design your initial orientation to make the UN Volunteer feel welcomed and valued. Even the best candidates need support to fit in. Clarify expectations, compliance, culture, and connect with others to set them off to a good start.

Organize an onboarding and coaching buddy upfront to help your volunteer settle in their first weeks. Consider partnering them with someone patient, with time to answer questions and coach. Meanwhile, your team can keep working happily, getting lots done, with fewer distractions. The right buddy may also see this as a good leadership and development opportunity!

Click on each block below (Day 1 - 5) to see suggested activities.

Entry on duty

By the end of today, your new volunteer will feel welcomed, well briefed on your expectations and ready to start the assignment.

Review your role and responsibilities as the host entity. And browse through the sliders below; consider which of the suggested activities would support your volunteer?

Week one is a go

Now that first day nerves are calmed, the UN Volunteer will start to feel accepted by your team, thanks to your efforts yesterday and their coaching-buddy. Let’s build on what you’ve taught them so far; there’s plenty more to be said in the first week.

The end of week one

The end of the first week is a milestone! With improved confidence, your volunteer will continue to need your support and encouragement. Enquire how they are settling in, answer any questions they have and put them at ease if you need to.


In the first week, clarify the role and responsibilities and set expectations of quality of work and behaviour. UN Volunteers maintain an open mind as they learn and adapt to the new environment.