Photo: UN Volunteers in Uruguay, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras and Dominican Republic supported biodiversity conservation and indigenous knowledge under the Nagoya Protocol.

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Welcome to the UN Partners Toolkit for hosting UN Volunteers

UN Volunteers bring motivation, commitment and a diversity of perspectives, experiences and cultures that enrich the UN system. Whether you are considering or already working with UNV and UN Volunteers, you have probably considered the added value of UN Volunteers and volunteerism to help you deliver your peace, development and humanitarian results. 

Learn more about UNV’s mission and mandate, including our value in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through volunteerism.  

UNV Added Value


unv value


As managers and supervisors, you play a critical role in enabling their engagement, learning and performance in delivering results at work. Your UN Volunteers look to you for inspiration and support. 

Everything you need to hire and supervise a UN Volunteer is broken down for you in our new five-part online guide. Given your leadership experience, there’s much you’ll know already. 

Information and advice

about UNV and host entity roles and responsibilities, updated with the latest developments.

Tools, checklists and ideas
Tools, checklists and ideas

for you to use. All you need to hire and supervise easily.

Additional support

through further resources to read and watch to expand your knowledge and skills.


These pages are designed to guide you through the UN Volunteer journey - the various stages you and the volunteer will experience together during the assignment. As a just-in-time resource, you may use it anytime, anywhere – in the way that works for you. Skim bullet point checklists at your own pace to understand your supervisor role and your UN Volunteer’s unique needs. 

Refer to this comprehensive – but not overwhelming – toolkit for continued support in all situations. Making use of these resources will assist you in creating compelling experiences for your UN Volunteers. Invest in your team – they will help you get the results you want! This guide replaces the former hosting a volunteer page of our website.

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Host a UN Volunteer

Explore the categories of volunteers available to you, support we provide and financial arrangements.


Secure the best talent for your team, made easy with our support.


Set your UN Volunteers up for success through our easy 90-day plan. 


Leverage best practices to support UN Volunteers reach their full potential and address workplace issues with a flair.


Process extensions, reassignment and separation through simple steps for business continuity and positive closure. 



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