End of Assignment
End of Assignment
PhotoMaria Miyasiro serves with UNDP in Peru as a UN Volunteer Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Specialist. Here, at a park close to Lomas de Mangomarca (fog oasis), San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru, she conducts an environmental awareness session about the importance of the oasis ecosystems to park visitors.
© Adriana Kato/UNDP, 2018

End of assignment

Expiration or early termination of assignments

There are five circumstances which relate to the end of an assignment:

Intended expiration

Without an official extension or new assignment, your volunteer’s contract will cease on the original end of contract date.

Recognise the UN Volunteer’s development and turn a sad goodbye into a positive celebration of what you achieved together.




Accept your volunteer’s resignation in UVP

If your volunteer resigns during their assignment, there are steps you need to take to formalize the end of their contract. Here’s how to end the assignment early.


UNV will confirm the UN Volunteer's resignation Unified Volunteering Platform (UVP) on your behalf. Let them know that you are happy with the particulars entered by your volunteer in the system.

Your volunteer may leave 30 calendar days after submitting their resignation. It is the minimum notice period. They may however declare their resignation any time before their notice period starts.

Advise your UN Volunteer that they'll forfeit your exit lump sum allowance in full or parts if they have failed to provide due notice, submit their Final Clearance Checklist and necessary reports, and complete their initial contract.

Once you approve their resignation online, follow standard procedure for expiry of contract (see tab above).

Terminate your volunteer mid-contract

If you need to terminate your volunteer’s assignment early, let us and your organisation assist you.

There are several grounds on which you may terminate the volunteer’s contract early such as:


1. You have found the volunteer to be unsuitable for the UNV assignment in light of new information or undisclosed facts.

2. A disciplinary review has recommended summarily dismissal or early separation for acts of misconduct.

3. The project or operation that your volunteer was assigned to ends early.

4. You have documented evidence that the volunteer’s work is unsatisfactory, or they are underperforming.

5. We need to take action in the interest of the organization due to external circumstances not caused by the volunteer.

6. You have failed to find a suitable new volunteer opportunity up to two months from security evacuation.

7. To relieve long term injured or sick volunteers from working.

8. Other reasons for termination, provided the volunteer agrees to end the contract.


Contact our Regional Office and email ‘support@unv.org’ to find the right solution.


Download PDF Termination by UNV checklist

Mark unauthorized absence as abandonment on the 10th workday

Being away from work without authorization is considered a breach of contract. It could lead to early separation of the volunteer for abandoning their post. If a UN Volunteer does not turn up for work, contact them repeatedly for 10 working days, until you’re answered, to try to find out where they are and why.

Please document your calls, messages and your volunteer’s responses, if any. The post is considered abandoned and the contract ceased on the 10th workday.



Email and call your volunteer, immediately, on the first day of their unauthorised absence asking for the reason and the date they’ll return to work.




Ask your volunteer to apply for leave with supporting documentation when they reply.


Inform 'support@unv.org' when your volunteer is unresponsive and uncontactable.

Send the email below to your volunteer. Also, call to check where they are and explain the consequences of being away from work without permission for 10 days

Tell UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) that your volunteer could be missing. Reassure yourself that it’s not unusual to be unreachable, even when you’re following standard security protocol.

Day 10

Confirm abandonment of post after no response from your volunteer. Email 'support@unv.org' copies of your follow-up communication and your attempts to reach your volunteer.

Speak to the national authorities who may need to revoke the volunteer’s visa and work permit.

We will follow-up with the paperwork to complete the process.


Email template



To: UN Volunteer@unv.org



Dear [ UN Volunteer’s name ],


Please contact us urgently. We are concerned about your health and wellbeing.

Being absent for 10 working days without permission or written explanation is a breach of contract.


You could lose:

• Your UN Volunteer assignment

• Your financial entitlements


You may also be required to repay amounts previously paid to you.

Tell us what’s happening, let us help and you can prevent termination of your contract due to abandonment of your post. That would end your assignment with us and your first day absent ( [ dd/mm/yy ] ) from work will be recorded as your contract end date as a UN Volunteer.


You’ve been repeatedly emailed and called, ever since [ dates ].

It concerns us greatly that you have not answered. Please do so now.


[ Your name ]

Supervisor, [ Your organization’s name ]


[ Contact details ]


Download PDF Abandonment of post checklist

Death of a UN Volunteer

In the event that your UN Volunteer has passed away, please accept our whole-hearted condolences.

Report and react to this fatality sensitively and get your volunteer home to their family. Given the diverse background of UN Volunteers, extreme cultural sensitivity must be exercised at all times. The impacts of this tragedy (emotional, legal, financial) aren’t yours to bear alone, but for us to help you throughout. Contact our Regional Office immediately and follow the guidance below: