Interview and select the right talent
Interview and select the right talent
PhotoInternational UN Volunteer Terumi Onuma, Communication Officer with UNV Regional Office in Dakar interviewing National UN Volunteers serving with the UNHCR
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Interview and select the right talent

UNV has done its best to shortlist candidates that match your Description of Assignment. It is up to you to review candidate’ profiles and select the best talent for your organization.

Be quick to show your interest and engage your volunteer. With others vying for top talent, the best candidates are gone within 10 days or less.


Different Options for Decision Making

Depending on the circumstances and the role for which you recruit, you have different options for arriving at a decision on who is your preferred candidate. You could:

Organize a test

Organize a test - usually prior to the selection interview;

Selection interview

Conduct a selection interview with all or some of the shortlisted candidates (Template EN, FR, ES);

Desk review

Carry out a desk review of candidates (Template EN, FR)

Key Principles to Consider

Fairness and transparency

You are responsible for ensuring that your decision is based on a fair and transparent process.


The best talent considers other options! UNV can only reserve candidates for two weeks. Selecting your preferred candidate quickly is your best chance to get the one you prefer.


UNV is interested in your assessment of all candidates. For example:

• Why did you decide for or against interviewing a shortlisted candidate?

• Why do you recommend a candidate or why not?

• What did you learn about the candidate that may be of interest in other recruitment processes for your organization?

Sharing with us as much of your feedback as possible will help us learn more about your preferences and inform our consideration of candidates for possible other recruitments.

UVP How-to-Guides
UVP How-to-Guides

See our guides on how to review candidates and record results of your assessment in Unified Volunteering Platform (On-screen & PDF version).